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Thermalblok Aerogel Insulation Strips easily applied to metal stud
One Thermablok® Strip Increases
R-Value up to by 40%

Infrared detects heat loss (thermal bridging) in building
Infrared camera displays heat coming through the studs in a
wall. Known as "thermal bridging" this is the prime energy loss in a building. Thermablok interrupts this wasteful process.



























































Frequently Asked Questions About Thermablok®

What is the price and minimum order quantity of Thermablok?

Is there a Thermablok retailer in my area?

Is there a one page summary or cut sheet for Thermablok?

Who would I talk to represent your product?

What is an Aerogel and how is it made?

Has the U.S. Government tested the Thermablok material?

We are interested in seeing how your product may be used in retrofit installations.

It appears Thermablok would install very quickly so the labor component is very competitive. Can you provide budgetary costs for review?

What environmental certifications does the product have? Will it comply with our LEED credit requirements?

Are there wider widths say for heads 10" or 12" wide?

Do you market Thermablok in large pieces suitable to insulate entire wall or floor areas?

Can Thermablok also be applied to already built areas in a home?

I notice you are showing it on the interior face of a stud wall, why not the exterior face?

What happens to the material when a drywall screw pierces it?

Gypsum wallboard is installed with mechanical fasteners and adhesive. Does the use of this product eliminate the effectiveness of an adhesive?

I am looking for a product that can be used on the inside of properties built with solid stone or brick walls which would give additional insulation.

I'm a home owner wondering how I can use this insulation to seal some air leaks in my house.

Is it practical to use it as internal acoustic insulation for air conditioning ducts?

Can the Thermablok be used to insulate around lighting cans?

Can Thermablok be applied in the attic to prevent heat gain in summer?

Can Thermablok replace expensive exterior extruded polystyrene insulation to block thermal loss through metal studs?

Can Thermablok provide effective insulation for metal framed aircraft hanger doors?

Where can I buy a little piece to show my class? Thank you - this stuff looks really interesting and cool!

Can you assist us in using Thermablok as a component in a product we have under development.

How does Thermablok facilitate the elimination of thermal bridging?

Are you listed on the stock exchange and if yes, what is your symbol and what exchange?